Web Security for Unknown Threats

Protect your organization, protect your team. Intelligent technology that prevents threats and reduces business risk across the web and your cloud collaboration applications.

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Web Security Game-Changers

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Web-Based Threat Protection

Protect against malicious websites, phishing and drive-by downloads that evade detection with the industry’s deepest level of web inspection that scans files with a choice of up to 3 AV engines (Avira, Sophos and / or Kaspersky). Unparalleled recursive decomposition and true file detection completely dissembles web traffic and downloads into its constituents parts, ensuring removal of weaponized scripts and payloads without delaying collaboration.

Web-Based Data Loss Prevention

Prevent data breaches with award-winning Adaptive DLP technology for web, social media and cloud apps. Real-time monitoring, inspection, and unique redaction technology can block or remove only the confidential information leaking, while allowing the rest of the web traffic to continue without disruptive quarantines or false positives. Optimized for data privacy and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.).

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Cloud Security without a Shadow

Track, trace and secure information stored or downloaded from the cloud (i.e. Office 365, Salesforce.com, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Bi-directional sanitization will prevent the leaking of confidential, metadata, or regulatory information, while putting an immediate stop to malware attacks. Shadow IT detection will prevent access and alert administrators of unapproved cloud apps and services.


Securing Social Media with Brand Integrity and Privacy

Protect your brand from inappropriate social posts, while maintaining complete employee privacy and security. Social media communications are sanitized to ensure brand integrity, the prevention of confidential information leaks, and protection from spear-phishing and malware attacks. Enable social collaboration with confidence.

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