A mobile first world means that every new website must be responsive.

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It almost goes without saying that a modern website needs to be responsive. If you want your business to have a digital presence then you need to make sure that users can get the full experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Mobile phones are the most popular devices to use and desktops come in at a close second, so you’ll want a site that’s usable and scalable for the various screen sizes and browsers that are available. Your users are your #1 priority, so it’s essential that you make sure that they’ve got a consistent experience no matter what device they use.

That’s what we do. We design sites with the user in mind. And as mobile-friendly sites are a must-have, we plan how your site will look on a mobile from the start. Our designers know their stuff, they’ll build your website to be responsive and test it to make sure that it works. We’ve designed hundreds of responsive websites and we’ll build a high-quality, professional site that makes your business look great.

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive design uses fluid grids and percentages, instead of absolute pixels or points, so that your website can respond and adapt to the screen size of the device being used.

While it does take a bit more time to build a responsive website, it will save you money in the long run because you’ll only have one website to update, develop, and optimise for search, keeping future development and digital marketing costs down.

It’s all about user experience

Your users need to have the best experience whenever they interact with your website. The site should feature the same content but scaled and adjusted depending on the device being used. And most importantly it needs to be easy to use and navigate to get users to perform the actions that you want. 

We plan ahead and think about your target audience and how they’ll engage with your site. And, during the design stage, we’ll show you wireframes and full-colour mock-ups for desktop, tablet and mobile, so you know exactly how it’ll look.

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What to expect from Responsive Web Design_


Design that responds and adapts itself for optimal viewing on multiple devices, like desktops, tablets and mobiles.



We run our projects using an accredited quality management system and our QA team will test the site on multiple screen sizes, devices and browsers.

User Experience

Keep your site looking great and create a consistent user journey across all devices.


A fully functional and easy to use responsive design will help make your business look modern and professional in the online marketplace.

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Optimise the design for search engines

More Google searches are made from mobiles than desktops, so Google’s decided to use a mobile-first indexing and ranking algorithm. This means that Google will crawl the mobile version of your site when it looks at ranking it. 

A responsive design is optimised for mobile-first indexing which is what Google wants. Therefore you’re more likely to rank better than your competitors who don’t have a responsive website.

Content Marketing, Blogging & Social Media

Make sure that all the great content that you’re producing gets seen. If you’re actively creating content on your website and sharing it on social media platforms, then chances are people will be viewing it on their mobile. 

You’re more likely to get views and shares if you’re sending users to a responsive website that is quick and easy to use.

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