Achieve more with your content by harnessing the power of video to create more targeted and impactful messaging.

It’s nothing new, but what has changed is how important video has become to digital marketing. Video drives traffic, retains visitors and converts, making it essential for businesses’ marketing, sales and growth.

Whether you’re looking for a short promotional video, a business or corporate video, an animated explainer or educational video or even a large-scale production, our team will guide you from concept to completion.

We offer a full video production service from an experienced team who have shot TV ads, music videos, corporate and educational videos.

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From concept to conversions

Our video services start with you. We’ll work with you to understand your needs, goals and how to best convey your message. Writing, refining, tweaking until each element is ready.

iSky Creative will support you throughout the project and can do as little or as much as you need. Projects can vary from designing a title or graphic sequence for a short series of one off 10 second to one minute videos, or if you need multiple videos to support an entire marketing campaign, we can do that too.

We. are a creative video production agency

Our video production starts when you’re ready. We’ll sketch out storyboards and a preproduction schedule which clearly defines your promotional video or corporate video strategy. We’ll give as much help as you need with script writing and preparation.

The tools at your disposal include voice overs, creating video animation, filming interviews with key influencers, personnel and clients and we will be there at every step. Your project could include any variation or combination of many elements. We realise the importance of making sure your video production is in keeping with your brand guidelines.

Whatever the Project

marketing video


As the title suggests, it’s your opportunity to tell the world about your product or service offering.
explainer video

Explainer videos

Demonstrable or ‘how to’ videos will help people to understand concepts or procedures which are tricky to explain by other means.
guide video

Guides and information

A ‘first person’ video can capture an experience or product, providing valuable insight and inspire others who may want to try out the same journey or product.
event video

Events and Conferences

Create a buzz following on from your conference or event – capture the highlights, the reaction, and your key note speakers.
charity video

Charity and donations

Having a ‘known’ person who can talk with authority and passion on an important subject can create a faster fundraising campaign than text, or work in conjunction with other campaigns.
science video

Science and research

Discoveries and new technologies can create a fantastic and worthwhile insight for others to learn from. It also gives a company a chance to share their professionalism with other colleagues.
Beauty fashion blogger recording video for blog

Your story

Your story is your story. However many categories and touch points we place here, your story could take us, and you, in a completely different direction.
education video


Bring your lesson or classroom into the digital world. We can shoot multi or single camera.

Our Process_

1 – Planning.

Sketching out ideas and writing a treatment are the first steps. Who is your target audience? What messages do you need to convey? As audiences are identified and essential touch points become clear so too do the best visual language tools to engage with. A brief will become a script, and a script can turn into a storyboard, which translates into the final piece.

2 – Shooting.

4k cameras and lenses? Check. Gimbals and sliders? Check. We want your footage to stand out. This could include anything from interviews with key influencers, personnel and clients, time-lapse of events and places, to drone footage of your building, or slow motion. We’ll work on a sensible shooting schedule which is respectful and works around your business.

3 – Editing.

Video editing is about realising your vision. We’ll bring the footage into postproduction, and one of our video editors will fashion a well edited piece which dovetails simple or complex graphical elements with music, a voice over and all your recorded footage, taking all the acquired elements into the mix. As the video begins to take shape, you’ll decide where and when it is seen.

4 – Distribution.

In a digital age, your footage can travel half way around the world in a millisecond, but for those that still need pressed copies, we can organise as many copies of your programme as you need. Design and labelling will reflect your design and brand. We can also help plan your video placement and promotion, and how to reach as many people as possible.

Thinking of the bigger picture

Your message needn’t stop after one programme. Repurposing footage so that alternative rushes and footage can be used for other marketing material will help build a rapport with new audiences.

Your videos may also be repurposed or subtitled so that audiences can engage on several levels or if time is short. For example, if we shoot a company video, we can then repurpose the footage to also create a Facebook cover video, social media advertising teaser videos, a looping background video for a website, a bloopers reel for the office Christmas party, and so much more!

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Video Production for multi-platforms

Video streaming services, codecs and standards are our language. Getting your video ready for broadcast, event play or online means utilising standards which fit with each environment. We’ll create those different playback types that enable your programme to shine wherever it is seen.

Tell us about your project

Every customer is different, every project unique. We’ll transform your idea into a finished video. Let’s talk.


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